Online Surveys - General Knowledge

Before starting doing online surveys, make sure you have found good survey sites with good payment plans. You will need to find websites that offer the smallest payment thresholds and acceptable withdrawal time frames.
Online surveys website have set a threshold payment before every withdrawal, which is a starting point that you will have to pass in order to process your withdrawal.
So. let's say that a survey website has a 25$ threshold payment. This means that, as soon as you have completed surveys that have a total of 25$ in rewards, the company will transfer the money to your account. If you did not reach 25$ in rewards, your payment request will be declined so you will have to complete more surveys, to equal or surpass the 25$ threshold payment.

Threshold can have different limits from site to site, but usually it is set between 10$-50$! Therefore, it is best to search for websites that offer good survey rewards, as one survey can pay from 0.5$ to 3$, more or less.
Survey websites offer payments through Paypal or Check Withdrawals. Make sure you have a Paypal Account because the Paypal withdrawals are usually processed in 1 to 2 working days. Even so, if Paypal is not available in your region, you have the option to choose check withdrawals. I would not recommend check withdrawals, because the time frames vary from 1 to 2 months, before arriving in your mail.
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Online Paid Surveys - A Guide For Everyone

If you're looking for some extra income, doing online paid surveys is a very good alternative. But before actually starting taking surveys, you will need to go through a few things in order to be properly prepared.
1. Computer. You will need a computer to start. You must have your own computer in order to be productive with these surveys, as they can take a lot of time and you don't want to stay in a library for 5-6 hours, daily. Also get good internet access providers, so you can scroll through one survey to another in no time.
2. Business Email Account.After finding companies that offer paid surveys, you most likely will have to sign up with them. The companies will usually send these surveys through emails and you will need to be prepared by doing one. Don't use you personal email as you will not want to be distracted for your daily jobs. Make a business email for surveys only. Free email providers include AIM, Hotmail, Outlook, Gmail or Yahoo.

3.Finding Paid Surveys.Do an online search for companies that offer online paid surveys, but be careful because some companies offer gift- surveys or surveys for non-cash prizes. After successfully doing some surveys, most companies will send to your email, the low rewarding surveys, but after some time, if you are consistent, you will notice that you will start getting high-paid surveys. So, be patient!
4.Dedication.A key aspect in doing surveys is to be fully-dedicated to this activity. Try to leave frustration behind and don't take long breaks from it, as it may lower your focus. Be consistent and keep a dedicated mind in order to maximize your efforts. Do it like I do: treat it like a full-time job!
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Make money taking surveys

How can you make money taking surveys? Why do we get paid for taking surveys? The idea is actually very simple, private companies or corporations count on consumer's belief when creating a certain product or service so they will pay people like yourself to get the feedback they need to design that product or service.Your survey results helps the developer to adjust the product characteristics according to your opinions.
You won't get rich by taking surveys because they don't pay enormous amount of cash but taking surveys is a very good alternative income method. The best part about this is that you can work from the confort of your home..
If you can hadle patience very well, you should choose the surveys that pay the highest amount of money because these ones are longer to finish with probably one hundred questions to answer to. Beware of the scams out there as some survey sites do not offer money for taking surveys, but they still let you complete it and after you finished it you are informed that you won't get any kind of payment. Usually, a good survey site lets you know BEFORE taking the survey the amount of money they will offer.

Other survey sites offer rewards such as merchandise, gifts or free trials of a certain product. But if you are looking for only cash online surveys you should stay away from rewards surveys.
Survey market has increased dramatically over the past 3-4 years, but so did the competition for this type of industry. So, to achieve better results at this, you need to put in a good amount of effort and time. There are a lot of companies out there that search for people who love this type of activity.
So, to finish, if you think you got what it takes to compete in the survey business, you should definitely start today.