Online Surveys - General Knowledge

Before starting doing online surveys, make sure you have found good survey sites with good payment plans. You will need to find websites that offer the smallest payment thresholds and acceptable withdrawal time frames.
Online surveys website have set a threshold payment before every withdrawal, which is a starting point that you will have to pass in order to process your withdrawal.
So. let's say that a survey website has a 25$ threshold payment. This means that, as soon as you have completed surveys that have a total of 25$ in rewards, the company will transfer the money to your account. If you did not reach 25$ in rewards, your payment request will be declined so you will have to complete more surveys, to equal or surpass the 25$ threshold payment.

Threshold can have different limits from site to site, but usually it is set between 10$-50$! Therefore, it is best to search for websites that offer good survey rewards, as one survey can pay from 0.5$ to 3$, more or less.
Survey websites offer payments through Paypal or Check Withdrawals. Make sure you have a Paypal Account because the Paypal withdrawals are usually processed in 1 to 2 working days. Even so, if Paypal is not available in your region, you have the option to choose check withdrawals. I would not recommend check withdrawals, because the time frames vary from 1 to 2 months, before arriving in your mail.
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